Trompsburg District, Vlakfontein, Southern Free State, South Africa

"To produce the most economical sheep"

"Sustainable precision farming, using limited resources available, by intensifying extensive conditions to the best of our ability."

With six generations of the Jacobs Family leading the farm Vlakfontein in the Trompsburg District of the Free State, a strong foundation has been laid on which a highly successful agricultural business now stands. It is on this foundation that the Pdrino Merino Stud – known for genetic fine wool and premium meat has been built up. The objective of the stud is to breed the most economical sheep for the South African farming and market environment.

The stud began in 1962 and PD Jacobs is the sixth generation to take the reigns. His son in law Willem Grobbelaar has been in the business with him since 2008.

Pdrino Merino believes the building blocks of the most economical sheep are:
  • a fine balance of premium meat production and superior, genetic fine wool,
  • sustainable reproduction and
  • adaptability under all circumstances.
The Pdrino Merino is an example of a herd that has adjusted to changing market conditions. It was originally a strong wool herd until PD realized that the global market was moving away from strong wool.

The adjustment began in 1985, with the acquisition of the ram Topper from the Oorlogspoort Merino Stud, after which the herd of 4000 ewes was inseminated. Strong selection was implemented for genetic fine wool and focus was given to size and meat characteristics.

"We are convinced of the fact, that our sheep currently have the ideal combination of fine wool and meat production. With regard to the economy, our sheep are therefore highly competitive" says PD, the owner of Pdrino Merino.